Join us at ESA!

Join SESYNC at the Ecological Society of America meeting in Portland!

Join SESYNC at ESA 2017!

SESYNC at ESA 2017 Portland

Join us at ESA in Portland!

See below for details on SESYNC's Mixer at ESA, as well as presentations by SESYNC affiliated researchers.

Watersheds, Forests, and Childhood Health: Global Relationships and Policy Opportunities




Ecosystems are being degraded worldwide, reducing biodiversity and threatening human well-being. Especially in developing countries, rural and poor households often depend closely on natural capital for their livelihoods and health. However, the health consequences of ecosystem declines remain difficult to predict. Here, we report on two multicountry analysis to investigate general relationships between ecosystems and human health for these vulnerable populations.

June Computing Updates

During the June maintenance window we performed a number of upgrades to our software environment. Below is a brief description of what we've been working to bring you.

Pursuit: Risk Perception in the Provision of Aquatic Ecosystem Services


"Risk Perception in the Provision of Aquatic Ecosystem Services"

This is a closed meeting for a funded group of visiting scholars.

We propose to convene a group of diverse scholars with expertise on the biophysical, psychological, socio-economic, health, and regulatory aspects of water quality issues to:


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