Seminar: Dr. Devon Payne-Sturges

Making the Invisible Visible: Intervening on Cumulative Environmental Neurodevelopmental Risks Using a System Dynamics Approach

Virtual seminar presented by Dr. Devon Payne-Sturges, University of Maryland A picture of Dr. Devon Payne-Sturges

Seminar: Dr. Mysha Clarke

The Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management: What Is the Role of Mixed Methods Approaches?

Virtual seminar presented by Dr. Mysha Clarke, University of Florida

Seminar: Dr. Milagros Sosa Landeo

Title: Mining Water Governance: Everyday Community-Mine Relationships in the Peruvian Andes

Seminar presented by Dr. Milagros Sosa Landeo, Wageningen University

Seminar: Dr. Alix Contosta

Title: Winter Weather Whiplash: Impacts of Compound Extreme Winter Weather Events on Coupled Human and Natural Systems

Seminar presented by Dr. Alix Contosta, University of New Hampshire.

Seminar: Vanessa Serrao

Title: Using Video for Impact at National Geographic Society

Seminar presented by Vanessa Serrao, National Geographic

Justinianic Plague Not a Landmark Pandemic?

Justinianic Plague Not a Landmark Pandemic?

A study of diverse datasets, including pollen, coinage, and funeral practices, reveals that the effects of the late antique plague pandemic commonly known as the Justinianic Plague may have been overestimated.


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