Policy maker

Seminar: Dr. Laura Dee

Quantifying How Global Change Impacts Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services 

Virtual seminar presented by Dr. Laura Dee, University of Colorado, Boulder. 

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Seminar: Dr. John Linnell

Conserving Large Carnivores in Europe: How Much Wild Can We Fit into Human-Dominated Landscapes?

Virtual seminar presented by Dr. John Linnell, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research 

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Seminar: Dr. Tu Nguyen

COVID-19 Economic Impact on Fisheries Workers

Virtual seminar presented by Dr. Tu Nguyen, Dalhousie University

Seminar: Dr. Renee Obringer

Characterizing the Human Dimension of Urban Water Systems in the Southwestern United States

Virtual seminar presented by Dr. Renee Obringer, SESYNC 


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