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Google Earth Tours: Monarch Butterflies Migration

As a part their ongoing collaboration with Encyclopedia of Life and a Google Outreach Developer Grant, Atlantic Public Media has produced four Google Earth presentations for their series One Species At A Time: Stories of Bio-Diversity on the Move.

SESYNC researcher Leslie Ries contributed to the Google Earth Tour on monarch butterfly migration. Every year, monarch butterflies begin a journey north from their wintering grounds in Mexican forests. Watch the video below:

SESYNC at White House Easter Egg Roll

April 5, 2013

SESYNC at Easter Egg Roll

Assistant Director, Education and Outreach

Cynthia Wei, SESYNC’s Assistant Director of Education and Outreach, was invited to participate in the 135th annual White House Easter Egg Roll earlier this week.

The Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) participated for the first time in the annual White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday, April 1, 2013. ASTC joined Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to provide hands-on science activities at the festivities. The challenge for all these organizations was how  to get kids interested in science amidst egg rolls, egg hunts, hula hooping, concerts, story-telling, and celebrity sightings.

The answer: start with fun. At the ASTC area, kids were enticed by hearing strange kazoo-like noises and the prospect of making a fun craft. Once the kids had come over to the tables, I introduced the science with questions: Did you know that a rubber band could be a musical instrument? Do you know how sound is created? After we made the “sound sandwiches,” I had the kids experiment by applying pressure at different points on the sound sandwich to discover how the sound changes.

What is the impact of making approximately 2,500 “sound sandwiches” on public understanding of science? That is difficult to quantify. But I can say that the impact extends beyond the kids: just as many parents and older siblings that accompanied the kids to the ASTC tables were engaged by the activity and learned a little bit of science. “Sound sandwiches” may be a long way from socio-environmental synthesis, but it illustrates how science can be incorporated into the public sphere and how interest in science and inquiry can be encouraged early and often. This is critical to all science.

SESYNC at Easter Egg Roll

Video / Graphics Assistant Internship

SESYNC, a national research center funded through a grant to the University of Maryland, seeks to hire an undergraduate intern to work with its Communications Coordinator and IT department to produce educational and promotional materials for SESYNC.

[SESYNC Seminar] Eigenfactor: Measuring & Mapping Scientific Knowledge

As De Solla Price noted in 1965, scholarly literature forms a vast network - where the nodes are the millions of papers published in scholarly journals and the links are the hundreds of millions of citations connecting these papers. New approaches to measuring and mapping citation networks are improving our ability to identify influential articles, scholars, and institutions that have spurred new fields of research or bridged existing

[SESYNC Seminar] Understanding Individual Behavior in Social Media Using a Complex Systems Approach

The dramatic feature of social media is that it gives everyone a voice: anyone can speak out and express their opinion to a crowd of followers with little or no cost or effort, which creates a loud and potentially overwhelming marketplace of ideas. The good news is that organizations have more data than ever about what their consumers are saying about their brand. The bad news is that this huge amount of data is difficult to sift through.

[SESYNC Seminar Series] Ties that Bind: Demographic & Economic Factors Underlying Social Networks & Sustainability in Rural Alaska

Arctic communities are experiencing unprecedented challenges caused by global forces of climatic, economic, ecological, political, and cultural change. The mixed cash-subsistence economies of rural villages reflect the complex interplay among these forces, so understanding the relationship between contemporary practices and accumulated cultural values, norms, and institutions can guide efforts to assess individual adaptability and community resilience.


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