Computational & Temporal Dimensions of Environmental Justice Analysis

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Time of Event: 
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 - 09:00 to Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 17:00

Background: Within the body of environmental justice (EJ) scholarship, there is a central debate about the temporal dimensions. More specifically, this debate questions whether polluters move into poor/communities of color or whether polluters are sited and then poor/communities of color grow around them. This debate is commonly referred to as the “chicken or the egg” debate. EJ scholars, who span multiple disciplines, have sought to answer this question for several decades; it is only recently that we have the data coupled with the cyberinfrastructure (and domain expertise) to begin to find an answer.

Meeting Purpose: Overall this is a planning meeting. There is an identifiable group of scholars who have worked on the temporal dimensions of EJ from various vantage points. This meeting will allow for an exchange of ideas and experiences in order to craft a traditional SESYNC working group proposal focused on (but not limited to) temporal questions, shared data management, and the design of future research at the intersection of societal inequality, the environment, and governing institutions. This group of scholars are domain experts in their given fields and are well-positioned to participate in the planning process regarding research directions and personnel needs.

Michael Ash, UMass Amherst
Mary Collins, SESYNC
Joseph JaJa, SESYNC and University of Maryland
Paul Mohai, University of Michigan
Ian Muñoz, SESYNC

Event type: 
Project Meeting
Event Attendance: 
Private Working Group
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