Pursuit: Hawaiian Watershed Response

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018 - 09:00 to Friday, June 8, 2018 - 17:00


"Hawaiian Watershed Response"

This is a closed meeting for a funded group of visiting scholars.

Anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) over the past two centuries have resulted in rapid climate change. Understanding the potential dynamics of the climate system is a critical challenge as GHG emissions continue. We propose to link models of human belief systems concerning risk associated with climate change with models of the ecological and climate systems into a coupled earth system model. In this earth system model, human belief systems and corresponding climate governance will drive anthropogenic GHG emissions that force the climate system, while the magnitude of climate change and related extreme events will influence human perception of associated risk.

To learn more about this Pursuit, click here.

Event type: 
Project Meeting
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Private Working Group
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