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Computational Results

SESYNC is committed to public dissemination of data and to open-source software development and distribution. When synthesis projects result in the creation of original datasets or databases, new software or web tools, analysis or model code, SESYNC will work with science teams to locate appropriate repositories and long-term storage for these resources. See below for a list of datasets, software tools, and computationally-oriented publications from on-going and completed SESYNC-supported projects:

Resources Date
Simulation games that integrate research, entertainment, and learning around ecosystem services Nov 07, 2014

Article published in Ecosystem Services.

Human Land-Use Practices Lead to Global Long-Term Increases in Photosynthetic Capacity Jun 18, 2014

Article published in the journal Remote Sensing.

Agent-based virtual laboratories for a novel experimental approach to socio-environmental syntheses Jun 15, 2014

Proceedings of the 7th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software.

Synthesis in land change science: methodological patterns, challenges, and guidelines Jun 09, 2014

Article published in the journal Regional Environmental Change.

Water Science Software Institute: Agile and Open Source Scientific Software Development May 15, 2014

Article published in Computing in Science & Engineering. 

A Network Analysis of Food Flows within the United States of America Apr 28, 2014

Article published in Environmental Science & Technology.

Metrics and Models of Community Phylogenetics Apr 07, 2014

Book chapter from Modern Phylogenetic Comparative Methods and Their Application in Evolutionary Biology (Springer).

Human-Nature Interaction in World Modeling with Modelica Mar 10, 2014

Conference proceedings of the 10th International Modelica Conference.

Cross-Site Comparison of Land-Use Decision-Making and Its Consequences across Land Systems with a Generalized Agent-Based Model Jan 29, 2014

Article published January 29, 2014, in the journal PLOS ONE.

Assessing spatiotemporal changes in tiger habitat across different land management regimes Oct 18, 2013

Article published in the October 2013 issue of Ecosphere.