Computational Results

SESYNC is committed to public dissemination of data and to open-source software development and distribution. When synthesis projects result in the creation of original datasets or databases, new software or web tools, analysis or model code, SESYNC will work with science teams to locate appropriate repositories and long-term storage for these resources. See below for a list of datasets, software tools, and computationally-oriented publications from on-going and completed SESYNC-supported projects:

Resources Date
Past and present biophysical redundancy of countries as a buffer to changes in food supply May 17, 2016

Article published in Environmental Research Letters.

Evaluating confidence in climate-based predictions of population change in a migratory species May 12, 2016

Article published in Global Ecology and Biogeography.

Blood does not buy goodwill: allowing culling increases poaching of a large carnivore May 11, 2016

Article published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Integration of land use, land cover, transportation, and environmental impact models: Expanding scenario analysis with multiple modules May 10, 2016

Article published in Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design.

Linking landscape futures with biodiversity conservation strategies in northwest Iberia — A simulation study combining surrogates with a spatio-temporal modelling approach May 01, 2016

Article published in Ecological Informatics.

Measuring Environmental Inequality Apr 01, 2016

Article published in Ecological Economics.

Greenhouse 100 Polluters Index (2016 Report, Based on 2014 Data) Apr 01, 2016

Data found on the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) website.

Conservation triage or injurious neglect in endangered species recovery Mar 29, 2016

Article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


The role of spatial scale and background climate in the latitudinal temperature response to deforestation Mar 07, 2016

Article published in Earth System Dynamics.

The Water-Land-Food Nexus of First-Generation Biofuels Mar 03, 2016

Article published in Nature: Scientific Reports.