Managing Risk & Uncertainty for Water & the Environment

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Sep 14, 2015
Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA)


Freshwater is perhaps the most vital resource for the 21st century — necessary for almost all aspects of growing economies, traditional livelihoods, and vibrant terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. But freshwater resources are increasingly difficult to manage as our future becomes harder to predict with confidence: shifting demographics, new patters in climate variability, and rapidly evolving economies.

Many of their decisions we make around water have long-lasting impacts: our decisions are durable, and a bad decision can endure for a long time. New infrastructure, for instance, will last decades, even centuries. Do we know how to think about sustainable water management over those timescales?

This site is intended to showcase a new way for identifying future water risks and then addressing them. First we describe the approach — called decision scaling — which developed within recent years from the engineering community. Then we talk about how long-term sustainability has to include ecosystems within built infrastructure. That approach is called eco-engineering decision scaling, or EEDS.

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