Qualitative Data Sharing

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Kristal Jones, SESYNC
Steven Alexander, SESYNC
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Qualitative data can complement and extend understanding of socio-environmental systems, and yet qualitative data are underutilized in socio-environmental synthesis. Successfully doing this, however, requires the identification of the opportunities, challenges, and capacities needed for researchers and research teams to discover, use, and re-use qualitative data in research projects. The goal of this workshop is to identify actionable steps to address the challenges teams face in discovering and using qualitative data in research projects. The team plans to bring together data sharing and archiving specialists and environmental social scientists to build on the opportunities to make qualitative data accessible and usable for socio-environmental synthesis. This workshop will focus on the life-cycle of the data itself prior to its use in synthesis research, and is expected to help inform best practices for managing and sharing qualitative data for use and re-use in socio-environmental research.

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