Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Title Brief Summary
The economic value of grassland species for carbon storage Apr 05, 2017

Article published in Science Advances.

Uncertainty assessment in ecosystem services analyses: Seven challenges and practical responses Apr 01, 2017

Article published in Ecosystem Services.

Effect of coastal marine protection on childhood health: an exploratory study Apr 01, 2017

Article published in The Lancet.

The Tragedy of the Grabbed Commons: Coercion and Dispossession in the Global Land Rush Apr 01, 2017

Article published in World Development.

Finding the driver of local ocean-atmosphere coupling in reanalyses and CMIP5 climate models Apr 01, 2017

Article published in Climate Dynamics.

A novel framework to account for ecological drivers in the control and elimination of environmentally transmitted disease: a modelling study Apr 01, 2017

Article published in The Lancet.


Is soil the great new integrator? Mar 28, 2017

From the drought-plagued Valle del Cauca in Colombia to the High Plains of West Texas, farmers are learning to work with the land instead of against it. Article in Environmental Health News.

Will your paper be used in a meta-analysis? Make the reach of your research broader and longer lasting Mar 25, 2017

Article published in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

A dynamic framework for water security Mar 23, 2017

Article published in Water Security.

The interactive effects of press/pulse intensity and duration on regime shifts at multiple scales Mar 23, 2017

Article published in Ecological Monographs.