Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Title Brief Summary
Protected Area Designation, Natural Amenities, and Rural Development of Forested Counties in the Continental United States Jan 24, 2017

Article published in Growth and Change.

Why wood density varies across communities Jan 21, 2017

Article published in Journal of Vegetation Science.

Anthropogenic Ecosystem Disturbance and the Recovery Debt Jan 20, 2017

Article published in Nature Communications.

Enabling Co-creation: From Learning Cycles to Aligning Values, Rules and Knowledge Jan 19, 2017

Article published in Integration and Implementation Insights.

Calculate Fetch and Wave Energy Jan 15, 2017

R package to calculate fetch length and wave energy

Getting to a Shared Definition of a "Good" Solution in Collaborative Problem-Solving Jan 12, 2017

Article published in Integration and Implementation Insights.

The Amazing Opportunity 2017 is Bringing to Business Jan 11, 2017

If we can show how sustainability drives value, the private sector can lead the way to a better world. Article in Ensia.

Integrating Fisheries and Agricultural Programs for Food Security Jan 10, 2017

Article published in Agriculture & Food Security.

Managing temporary streams and rivers as unique rather than second-class ecosystems Jan 09, 2017

Article published in Biological Conservation.


Best Practices for Virtual Participation in Meetings: Experiences from Synthesis Centers Jan 05, 2017

Article published in The Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America.