Pursuing the Promise of Case Studies for Sustainability and Environmental Education: Converging Initiatives

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Apr 02, 2018
Cynthia A. Wei, Minna Brown, and Meghan Wagner


"Today’s global environmental problems defy simple solutions and are often characterized as “wicked,” signaling that we have arrived at a moment in human history when we can no longer proceed with business as usual. In higher education, changes in approaches to teaching, learning, and research are needed to address these wicked problems. In particular, bridging disciplinary divides and the divide between research and practice are essential to find feasible solutions. These transformations require engaging practitioners from outside university communities, as practiced in transdisciplinary research. They also require equipping students with the necessary competencies to engage in truly integrative, interdisciplinary work. Although interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary works are on the rise, these approaches still run counter to traditional research practices that necessarily impose boundaries due to the disciplinary structure of most academic institutions, from metrics for success, to the way that we teach."

Read the full article in Case Studies in the Environment.

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