What is Translational Ecology? - Definition

Aug 01, 2014
Michelle Baker, Gabriele Bammer, Carol Brandt, Mark Brunson, Alexis Erwin, David Feldon, Julia Gouvea, Rebecca Jordan, Sunshine Menezes, Mark Neff, Colobrí Sanfiorenzo-Barnhard, and Eric Toman


What is translational ecology?

The following definition was developed by the SESYNC Translational Ecology pursuit team (August 2014):

Translational ecology is boundary-spanning environmental science that leads to actionable research focused on maintaining or enhancing the resilience of social-ecological systems. Using an adaptive and iterative mode of inquiry, it extends beyond traditional scientific boundaries. It provides accessible tools and frameworks that allow exchanges of knowledge among ecologists and intended beneficiaries of their science, to promote mutual learning and a shared sense of its utility.


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Team Meeting: Translational Ecology
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