2013 SESYNC Interns

2013 SESYNC Undergraduate Interns

The 2013 cohort of SESYNC interns included 14 students who worked with professors at the University of Maryland and Coppin State University, and with professionals at the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission and at SESYNC. Interns worked on a wide range of tasks and projects related to socio-environmental issues. Some examples of the work done by the 2013 interns include: studying how scientists communicate about climate change, collecting data about mosquito populations in urban areas, examining the environmental impacts and ecological footprints of cities, and studying the role of non-governmental organizations in international climate negotiations. Additionally, interns engaged in weekly meetings with SESYNC staff and postdocs to learn about socio-environmental synthesis.

2013 Intern 2013 Mentor
Braden Grimes Mike Smorul and Melissa Andreychek
Colleen Shipley Ms. CJ Lammers
Daniel Smith Dr. Raghu Murtugudde
Deanah Thomas Dr. Mintesinot Jiru
Emily Ferguson Mike Smorul and Melissa Andreychek
Henry Nussman Mike Smorul and Melissa Andreychek
James Thomas Dr. Stephanie Lansing
John Groeger Ms. CJ Lammers
Lisa Ramsburg Dr. James Cohen
Margaret Doyle Dr. Gerrit Knaap and Ms. Kim Ross
Neda Movahed Dr. Jennifer Hadden
Patrick Kropowski Mike Smorul and Melissa Andreychek
Sarah Katz-Hyman Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp
Sophie Jin Dr. Paul Leisnham