2015 SESYNC Interns

2015 SESYNC Undergraduate Interns

The 2015 cohort of SESYNC interns included 19 undergraduates with diverse majors. They worked with professors at the University of Maryland and Coppin State University, and professionals at SESYNC, the U.S. Global Change Research Program and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Interns worked on a wide range of tasks and projects related to socio-environmental issues. Some examples of the work done by the 2015 interns include: investigating causes for deterioriation of drinking water quality, preparing climate indicators for the National Climate Indicators System, developing presentations for Science on a Sphere, and conducting experiments to analyze how salamanders respond to an emerging infectious disease. Additionally, interns engaged in weekly meetings with SESYNC staff and postdocs to learn about socio-environmental synthesis.

2014 Intern 2014 Mentor
Aaron Aber Dr. Sacoby Wilson
Alisha Chan Dr. Kristina Hopkins
Annibel Rice Dr. Melissa Kenney
Audrey Vogel Mr. Dan Engelberg
Elisheva Mittleman Dr. Ariana Sutton-Grier
Erica Brown Dr. Jon Froehlich
Frederick Bergen Dr. Brian Needelman
Jose Gabriel Almario Dr. Karen Lips
Heetaek Lim Dr. Donald Milton
Jonathan Coplin Dr. Cerruti Hooks
Lindsey Wright Dr. David Hawthorne
Miracle Okoro Dr. Mintesinot Jiru
Moli Karsali Dr. Katherine Tully
Morgan Folger Dr. Lea Johnson
Nikia Brown Dr. Mintesinot Jiru
Samantha Leap Mr. Mike Smorul
Sarah Turner Dr. Kristal Jones
Sydney Han Dr. Paul Leisnham
William Boudhraa Dr. Kelly Hamby