Socio-Environmental Research Resources

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Introduction to S-E Synthesis Video Series

What are socio-environmental systems, what is synthesis, and how does one conduct synthesis research? In this three-part video series, we address those questions and provide examples that highlight the complexity and rewards of studying the relationships and dynamics between social and environmental systems. The video series also helps to clarify the importance and the process of forming diverse interdisciplinary teams, and provides an overview of some analytical tools used to conduct synthesis research.   

 Part 1: Understanding environmental problems through a socio-environmental lens

 Part 2: Synthesis research and team science process to address socio-environmental problems

 Part 3: Approaches and methods to integrate diverse socio-environmental data

S-E Synthesis Tutorials

Socio-environmental (S-E) synthesis advances the understanding of S-E systems. These tutorials introduce fundamental concepts about S-E systems. Each tutorial consists of written text and accompanying resources that illustrate some of the key concepts for understanding S-E systems. 


Terms and definitations integral to socio-environmental research and SESYNC's mission to bring together the science of the natural world with the science of human behavior and decision making to find solutions to complex environmental problems.