Seminar: Dr. Iris Montero

Pliny In Tlatelolco: Natural History Between Two Worlds 

Seminar presented by Dr. Iris Montero, Brown University.

Seminar: Dr. Samantha Cheng

Technological approaches for evidence synthesis in conservation

Seminar presented by Dr. Samantha Cheng, American Museum of Natural History.

Seminar: Dr. Bonnie Keeler

Community-engaged scholarship for sustainability: Where do values, equity, and power considerations intersect with conservation science? 

Seminar presented by Dr. Bonnie Keeler, University of Minnesota.

Seminar: Dr. Kenneth Rose

Multidisciplinary team science and engaged {-raged} stakeholders: two often neglected aspects of coupled human-natural systems

Seminar: Dr. Matt Fitzpatrick

From genes to urban areas: Applications of spatial modeling to assess climate change vulnerability in natural and built systems

Seminar: Dr. Tim Newfield

Building and Disassembling Big Histories of Disease: Interdisciplinarity and Ancient Pandemics

Seminar presented by Dr. Tim Newfield, Georgetown University.


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