Accepting Applications: Introduction to Spatial Agent-Based Modeling: June 2018

This 5-day short course will serve as an introduction to the theory and practice of spatially-explicit agent-based modeling (ABM). You will learn the essential theoretical background and technical expertise needed to conceptualize, build, and analyze your first ABM. This course will guide you through the basic phases of the ABM research process: formulating a research question, specifying a model, creating a simulation and interpreting the output.

Accepting Applications: Bayesian Modeling for Socio-Environmental Data 2018


Solutions to pressing environmental problems require understanding connections between human and natural systems. Analysis of these systems requires a model that can deal with complexity, is able to exploit data from multiple sources, and is honest about the uncertainty from multiple sources. Synthesis of results from multiple studies is often required. Bayesian hierarchical models provide a powerful approach to analysis of socio-environmental problems.

Pursuit: Risk Perception in Provision of Aquatic Ecosystem Services


"Risk Perception in Provision of Aquatic Ecosystem Services"

This is a closed meeting for a funded group of visiting scholars.

We propose to convene a group of diverse scholars with expertise on the biophysical, psychological, socio-economic, health, and regulatory aspects of water quality issues to:


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