NEON AOP Workshop

Workshop Dates: January 21–24, 2020
Location: Annapolis, Maryland

2020 Bayesian Modeling for Socio-Environmental Data Short Course


Solutions to pressing environmental problems require understanding connections between human and natural systems. Analysis of these systems requires a model that can deal with complexity, is able to exploit data from multiple sources, and is honest about the uncertainty from multiple sources. Synthesis of results from multiple studies is often required. Bayesian hierarchical models provide a powerful approach to analysis of socio-environmental problems.

Immersion Workshop: Public Health

Immersion Distinguished Scholar Workshop: Public Health 

Kathryn J. Fiorella, Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences and the Masters in Public Health Program, Cornell University

Animal Population Dynamics in the Arctic

Human expansion and climate change, by contributing to rapid changes in many ecological processes, can have dramatic consequences on wildlife. This is especially true for Arctic migratory species, where a mismatch between resource availability and migration arrival date in the breeding range can have cascading effects that reduce reproductive success, causing populations decline.


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