Boundary Spanning Symposium


Explore the three themes of the 2018 Boundary Spanning: Advances in Socio-Environmental Synthesis Research Symposium.


Water & Governance


Water resources across the United States have become points of conflict for humans and non-humans who depend on water for life. But how did it get to this point? This question drove several legal scholars, human geographers and ecologists to work across disciplines to seek solutions.  

Wildfire & Salience


To keep pace with wildfire, we need to change the conversation on fire management and risk. Learn how this SESYNC team critically examines the complex linkage among fire management actions such as fuels treatments, fire risk, and post-fire effects, including risks to water resources and other ecosystem services.

Research In Action Series


SESYNC’s series of documentaries, Research In Action, explores stories of socio-environmental research teams studying wildfire, reforestation, and water governance in the U.S. and beyond.


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