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Pursuit: Social-Ecological Drivers of Change Over Time in Urban Woodlands


"Social-Ecological Drivers of Change Over Time in Urban Woodlands"

Remnant and regenerating forest patches are hotspots of biodiversity and ecosystem services in urban regions. Social uses and benefits, abrupt forest edges, introduced and invasive species, and urban climate warming combine to create novel ecological conditions and management challenges in urban woodlands. An array of public, private, and non-profit organizations engage in management and stewardship of these urban woodland patches.

Workshop: Synthesizing Research on Pastoral Governance of Common-Pool Resources


"Synthesizing Research on Pastoral Governance of Common-Pool Resources"

Communities of mobile livestock keepers—pastoralists—often have systems for the governance and management of land and resources that do not conform to theoretical models that have been developed based on experience in other kinds of ecosystems.

Short Course: 2020 Bayesian Modeling for Socio-Environmental Data


Short Course: Interactive Web-Based Visualizations and Decision Support Tools in Shiny/R for Quantitative Scientists

Solutions to pressing environmental problems require understanding connections between human and natural systems. Analysis of these systems requires a model that can deal with complexity, is able to exploit data from multiple sources, and is honest about the uncertainty from multiple sources. Synthesis of results from multiple studies is often required.


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