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The Climate Benefits of Healthy Forests

TRIANOSKY: “The world’s forests absorb about 2.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year. And that’s equivalent to about a third of the carbon dioxide released by burning fossil fuels.” That’s Paul Trianosky, chief conservation officer at the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Unfortunately, forests – these amazing sponges that soak up carbon – are increasingly vulnerable to insects and disease as the climate changes. Warmer temperatures, changes in rainfall, and droughts all take a toll.

Christian Values and Climate Change.

For Episcopalians, caring for God’s creation means taking care of the Earth and seeking justice for the poor. These concerns have motivated American Episcopalian leaders to speak up about climate change, which they see as a threat to both.

Adding Power to the Value of Trees


The shade from trees reliably cools humans and the environment in which they live. Researchers are now trying to show how the energy savings of this ecosystem service can be measured . . .

Read the full article in Nature: Energy.

It’s Time To Stop Overspending Our Freshwater Budget


We continue to overspend our budget when it comes to freshwater resources globally. No country is immune; this is not just a challenge for arid regions.

Agriculture is by far the largest consumer of water, and at the same time demand for water to produce energy, industrial products, and the rapidly growing needs in cities are straining our water resources as never before. Add climate change and the situation is quite daunting.

Is soil the great new integrator?


Carlos Hernando Molina pressed his boot onto the shovel and the blade cut into the earth. He rocked the handle, turned over the clump of soil, and fingered the dirt to point out the worms, bugs and plant fibers as the soil crumbled.


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