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January 13, 2015

"The scientific mind does not so much provide the right answers as ask the right questions."

— Claude Lévi-Strauss, anthropologist and ethnologist

Reading is a critical part of conceiving of and executing an effective synthesis effort. The following is a current snapshot of what just a few SESYNC researchers and staff have been reading—we hope you find a resource or two of particular interest!


Cooperating with the future

Authors: Oliver P. Hauser, David G. Rand, Alexander Peysakhovich, and Martin A. Nowak
Source: Nature
Who's reading it: Andres Baeza, Postdoctoral Fellow


Authors: Various
Source: European Network of Political Ecology
Who's reading it: Jampel Dell’Angelo, Postdoctoral Fellow

Bayesian Models: A Statistical Primer for Ecologists

Authors: N. Thompson Hobbs and Mevin B. Hooten
Source: Princeton University Press (July 27, 2015)
Who's reading it: Kelly Hondula, Quantitative Programs Researcher
Note: Advanced copy accessed through the Bayesian Modeling for Ecological & Social Scientists short course

Protection of stream ecosystems from urban stormwater runoff: The multiple benefits of an ecohydrological approach

Authors: Tim D. Fletcher, Geoff Vietz, and Christopher J. Walsh
Source: Progress in Physical Geography
Who's reading it: Krissy Hopkins, Postdoctoral Fellow

Agroecology: The Ecology of Sustainable Food Systems

Author: Stephen R. Gliessman
Source: CRC Press
Who's reading it: Matthew LaFevor, Postdoctoral Fellow

Simulation of tropical cyclone impacts to the U.S. power system under climate change scenarios

Authors: Andrea Staid, Seth D. Guikema, Roshanak Nateghi, et al.
Source: Climatic Change
Who's reading it: Nicholas Magliocca, Computational Research Fellow

Ecosystem services and resource management: Institutional issues, challenges, and opportunities in the public sector

Authors: Lynn Scarlett and James Boyd
Source: Ecological Economics
Who's reading it: Margaret Palmer, Executive Director

Intuition Pumps And Other Tools for Thinking

Author: Daniel C. Dennett
Source: W. W. Norton & Company
Who's reading it: Mary Shelley, Associate Director of Synthesis

Visualization Analysis and Design

Author: Tamara Munzner
Source: A K Peters/CRC Press
Who's reading it: Mike Smorul, Associate Director of Cyberinfrastructure

The Battle for the Soul of Conservation Science

Author: Keith Kloor
Source: Issues in Science & Technology
Who's reading it: Melissa Andreychek, Communications Coordinator

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