Case 4. Warming & change in land and water: The case of the Arctic

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Feb 17, 2016
Socio-Environmental Immersion Program

The case study exercise allows participants to apply the theories, methods, and lenses presented in the Socio-Environmental Immersion Program workshop lectures to a common case that they get to know over the course of the five workshops.

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The case

Kolbert, E. 2005. “The Climate of Man – Part 1.” The New Yorker 25 April.

Ecology readings

Hinzman, L.D., Bettez, N.D., Bolton, W.R., Chapin, F.S., Dyurgerov, M.B., Fastie, C.L., et al. 2005. “Evidence and implications of recent climate change in Northern Alaska and other Arctic regions.” Climatic Change 72: 251–298.

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Economics readings

Berman, M., Nicolson, C., Kofinas, G., Tetlichi, J., and Martin, S. 2004. “Adaptation and sustainability in a small arctic community: Results of an agent-based simulation model.” Arctic 57(4): 401–414.

Larsen, P. H., Goldsmith, S., Smith, O., Wilson, M. L., Strzepek, K., Chinowsky, P., and Saylor, B. 2008. “Estimating future costs for Alaska public infrastructure at risk from climate change.” Global Environmental Change 18(3): 442–457. 

Sociology readings

Huntington, H. P., Hamilton, L. C., Nicolson, C., Brunner, R., Lynch, A., Ogilvie, A. E., and Voinov, A. 2007. “Toward understanding the human dimensions of the rapidly changing arctic system: insights and approaches from five HARC projects.” Regional Environmental Change 7(4): 173–186.

Matthews, R. and Sydneysmith, R. 2010. “Climate change and institutional capacity in an ‘Arctic Gateway’city: a CAVIAR case study of Whitehorse.” Pp. 239–261 in Community Adaptation and Vulnerability in Arctic Regions, G.K. Hovelsrud and B. Smit (eds). Springer: Netherlands.

Anthropology readings

Riedlinger, D. and Berkes, F. 2001. "Contributions of traditional knowledge to undersatnding climate change in the Canadian Arctic." Polar Record 37(203): 315-328.

White, D.M., Gerlach, S.C., Loring, P., Tidwell, A.C., and Chambers, M.C. 2007. "Food and water security in a changing Arctic climate." Environmental Research Letters 2(4): doi: 10.1088/1748-9326/2/4/045018.

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