Data to Motivate Synthesis Workshop

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Time of Event: 
Monday, February 11, 2019 - 08:00 to Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 15:00

SESYNC Office, Annapolis, Maryland

This will be the third Data to Motivate Synthesis workshop. Participants applied to an open call for applications and come a wide range of institutions.

Confirmed participants:

Katherine Alfredo, DC Water

Ilke Celik, University of Wisconsin-Plattsville

Ranae Dietzel, Iowa State University

Jennifer Givens, Utah State University

Richard Schulterbrandt Gragg, Florida A&M University

Samantha Hamlin, Indiana University

Mintesinot Jiru, Coppin State University

Jennifer Koch, University of Oklahoma

Ursula Kreitmair, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Landon Marston, Kansas State University

Heather McCarthy, University of Oklahoma

Tomás Olivier, University of California-Los Angeles

Thomas Ptak, University of Idaho

Julian Reyes, United States Department of Agriculture

Laurie Ristino, George Washington University

Chelsie Romulo, University of Northern Colorado

Eri Saikawa, Emory University

Kaitlin Stack-Whitney, Rochester Institute of Technology

Anandhi Swamy, Florida A&M University

Bhuwan Thapa, Indiana University

Daniel Tobin, University of Vermont

Kareem Usher, Ohio State University

Kimberly van Meter, University of Illinois-Chicago

Alisa Wade, University of Montana

Samuel Zipper, University of Victoria

Event type: 
Short Course/Workshop
Associated SESYNC Researcher(s): 
Event Attendance: 
Private Working Group
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