Research and Tools

The research computing support we offer at SESYNC is driven by the requirements of the science questions our synthesis teams and fellows ask. Oftentimes, their inquiries result in new, synthetic data sets or tools which we help disseminate for reuse.

Many synthesis teams and fellows have faced the challenges involved in bringing together disparate data, methods, theories and tools. The computing requirements of each project are unique, and SESYNC CI resources and staff are available to assist regardless of the level or type of support required. 

Click here for a list of projects that have used advanced computational resources or methods and/or have benefited from SESYNC’s scientific computing support.

SESYNC is committed to public dissemination of data and to open-source code development and distribution. When synthesis projects result in the creation of original datasets or databases, new software or web tools, analysis or model code, SESYNC will work with synthesis teams to locate appropriate repositories and long-term storage for these resources. If you have authored software or a data set as part of a SESYNC project and would like to report it to us, please click here. If you would like help in disseminating data or software that has resulted from a SESYNC project, please email

Click here for a list of datasets, software tools, and computationally-oriented publications from on-going and completed SESYNC-supported projects.