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CI staff are available to assist supported fellows and synthesis teams in conducting research using our cloud-based, virtualized infrastrcture. We offer a variety of services, from video conferencing to code parallelization on our cluster. Because working at this scale on the type of architecture we employ is new to many S-E researchers, we are available to assist at every stage.

Meeting and Collaboration Technology

SESYNC's standard meeting and collaboration technology offered to all synthesis teams and on-site fellows includes a group mailing list, collaborative document editing space, and support for on- and off-site teleconferencing. Detailed instructions for using these resources are available on our Research Support Site.

Consulting Support

Our goal is to accelerate the progress of the research projects we support. We are here to advise on statistical methods, best practices, and the mechanics of using our infrastructure. Some of the types of problems we can help you address include: data workflows, statistical questions, programming challenges, and effective visualizations. We ask that teams identify a point-person (can be a PI) to coordinate with us so we can best respond to project challenges as they arise.

Research Infrastructure

The suite of hardware and software we offer is designed to provide maximum computing power with minimal barriers to entry. Our integrated suite of data storage, database servers, processing resources, and web-based gateways can be accessed with a single login.