Collaboration & Communication

Meeting & Collaboration Technology

The SESYNC's standard meeting and collaboration technology offered to all synthesis teams includes a group mailing list, collaborative document editing space, and support for on- and off-site teleconferencing. Detailed instructions for using these resources are available on our Research Support Site.

  • Group Mailing List. All participants are added to a mailing list for the project team. Unless additional members are requested, the membership list will reflect the attendees indicated on the online meeting planner, including remote participants. Mailing lists can be managed by connecting to
  • Tele/Videoconferencing Support. SESYNC supports remote participants via telephone or video using Microsoft Lync in all conference rooms. We can also support fully virtual meetings for groups wishing to meet online; please see our Research Support Site for instructions on booking online meetings.

Facilitating Group Collaboration

For an overview of how we allocate our collaborative technologies to different SESYNC synthesis teams, please see below. 


All Pursuits have a document sharing site and email list setup for their project prior to their first meeting.

  • Theme Kickoff or PI Priming Call
    • Project PIs will receive a link to their group's collaboration site and email address. In addition, during your introduction to SESYNC, we will discuss with you what other resources you may need to access.
  • One Week Prior to First Meeting
    • Unless otherwise requested by a group's PI, we will only send out group information one week prior to the start of your first meeting.
    • As a PI, if you wish your group to have access to these resources earlier, please let our cyberinfrastructure staff know, and we will be happy to setup accounts and access.


As workshops are one-time events, we do not setup collaboration resources for them. For groups that need a document share, we can easily facilitate access to a simple, dropbox-like file storage that you can use to distribute documents to your group members. Please feel free to contact our cyberinfrastructure staff at for any additional questions or information.