External Resources for Self-Directed Learning

Members of the cyberinfrastructure team have scoured the web for resources and tutorials to help you identify and learn new data skills.

Topic Link Environment
Basics/Syntax R for Journalists R
  R Tutorial R
  The Unix Shell Shell 
  Resources for Better Science in Less Time R
Language Hadley Wickam's Advanced R
  swirl; Learn R in R
  Programming with Python  Python 
  How to Teach Yourself R R
Statistics Mark Gardener's Statistics Tutorial  R
  In-Depth Introduction to Machine Learning
Visualizations Graph Catalog 
  Graphics Cookbook
  Comprehensive ggplot Gallery 
  Producing Simple Graphs 
Geospatial Data Introduction to Rasters 
  Data Intensive Tutorials Various
  EarthML Tutorials Python
Soil Science List of Open Source Software Tools  Various 
Environmental Science Quantitative Tutorials R
Basic Fisheries Analysis Introduction to R and Tutorials R
Version Control git Tutorial  Shell 
Web Scraping Requests and BeautifulSoup Python
Cheat Sheets Unix/Linux  Shell 
  RStudio IDE R
  R Markdown
  R Markdown Reference Guide 
  Data Visualization 
  Package Development 
  Data Wrangling 
Full Course Jenny Bryan's Stat 545 R
  Transition to R: Free Online Course R
Community Eco-Data-Science Various
  R-bloggers R
  Stack Overflow Various
  SESYNC Github Various

Many additional topics are available through the following websites or organizations. These are geared towards providing a lot of training material, which the cyberinfrastructure staff may be less familiar with.

If you are looking to participate directly with a larger network of scientific coders, good starting points are the R-bloggers and rOpenSci communities. Finally, if you cannot find a resource for a particular topic that's written for your preferred environment, reach out to the cyberinfrastructure team at cyberhelp@sesync.org.