Immersion Program Teaching Materials

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The Socio-Environmental Immersion Program workshop format is based on the immersion principle: that diving into new ideas in the context of problems familiar from one’s own disciplinary tradition will support learning and later application of the new ideas. The workshops are structured around the presentation of lectures by scholars to provide a foundation and content for in-depth learning, followed by discussion and application of a specific discipline’s methods and theories to socio-environmental problems. The teaching materials that have been generated out of the Immersion Program reflect the immersion approach as well.

Lectures & Related Resources

For each of the five disciplines covered during the 2015–16 year (ecology, economics, sociology, anthropology, and change in socio-environmental systems), we have organized and provide here videos of lectures on specific topics that reflect theoretical and methodological subdivisions of the discipline. Accompanying each video lecture (which are 30–45 minutes in length) is a written summary of the content, a reading list identified by the original presenter, and the original presenter’s slides. Information about the presenter and links to their work are included as well.

Click here for more information and a listing of all of the Immersion Program lectures.

Case Studies

Other teaching materials presented here include case study exercises, which include materials that present several cases of socio-environmental problems and identify articles from each discipline that address the same topical case from the lens of that discipline. These exercises provide students with the opportunity to apply the foundational knowledge learned during the Immersion Program lectures to examples of socio-environmental issues that are multidimensional. In these exercises, the cases stay the same, and the disciplinary approaches differ and are layered over one another. 

Click here for more information about the Immersion Program case study exercises, the individual cases, and full resource lists for each case.

Additional Resources

Additional materials that will be generated out of the 2015–16 Immersion Program will include peer-reviewed publications, reflection papers, an edited book, and syllabi drawing on the teaching materials presented here. Links to these materials will be provided as they become available.

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