Themes & Pursuits

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) supports education research projects through its Themes and Pursuits program.

The "Learning to Integrate Across Natural and Social Sciences" Theme builds upon existing knowledge from various disciplines to advance our understanding of:

  1. how undergraduate and graduate students learn to integrate data, concepts, techniques, approaches, tools, perspectives, theories, etc. from natural and social sciences to understand environmental problems and inform solutions, and
  2. pedagogies that support the development of this cognitive ability in a socio-environmental context at the undergraduate or graduate level.

This education-focused Theme currently supports the Pursuit projects below, funded in 2013.

The "Enhancing Socio-Environmental Research & Education: Building Resources for Action-Oriented Team Science Through Syntheses of Practices & Theories" Theme aims to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize the practices, tools, methods, and strategies of action-oriented team science to significantly improve research teams' effectiveness at understanding socio-environmental problems and informing socio-environmental decisions.

This education-focused Theme currently supports the Pursuit projects below, funded in 2015.

Project Title Year Funded Principal Investigator
Core Modeling Practices 2015 Tony Jakeman, Australian National University, Suzanne Pierce, University of Texas at Austin, Sondoss El Sawah, University of New South Wales, Australia
Co-Creative Capacity 2015 Allison Metz, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Deborah Ghate, The Colebrooke Centre
Participatory Modeling 2015 Steven Gray, Michigan State University, Alexey Voinov, University of Twente, Michael Paolisso, University of Maryland, Rebecca Jordan, Rutgers University
Understanding, Teaching, & Employing Model-Based Reasoning in Socio-Environmental Synthesis (EMBeRS) 2013 Deana Pennington, University of Texas at El Paso , Antje Danielson, MIT Energy Institute
Translational Ecology: A Pedagogical Framework to Integrate Natural & Social Sciences 2013 Mark W. Brunson, Utah State University , Michelle A. Baker, Utah State University
The Development of a Social & Ecological Framework for Understanding Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation 2013 Rachael Shwom, Rutgers University , Rebecca Jordan, Rutgers University