The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) supports Workshops that are single meetings with up to 30 participants that focus on a broad topic or a set of related topics, summarizing/synthesizing the state of the topic, identifying future directions, or exploring novel ideas. SESYNC has supported the following education-focused Workshops:
Project Title Year Funded Principal Investigator
Assessing Student Learning of Socio-Environmental Systems 2015 Cynthia Wei, SESYNC, Ana Luz Porzecanski, AMNH, Kim Landrigan, AMNH
Socio-Environmental Synthesis Research Proposal Writing Workshop 2013 Jonathan Kramer, SESYNC, Rachel Berndtson, SESYNC
SESYNC Graduate Scholars Program 2013 Rachel Berndtson, SESYNC, Dave Hawthorne, SESYNC
Water Science Software Institute 2012 Stan Ahalt, RENCI, UNC Chapel Hill, Lawrence Band, UNC Chapel Hill, Barbara Minsker, Southern Methodist University, Margaret Palmer, SESYNC
Socio-Environmental Synthesis Education 2012 Dave Hawthorne, SESYNC