Immersion Program Participants 2019–2020

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For more information about the Socio-Environmental Immersion Program, click here.


 Benito, Xavier – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Aquatic Ecology, University Rovira & Virgili
 MS Physical Geography, University Rovira & Virgili
 BS Biology, University of Girona
 BS Environmental Sciences, University of Girona

 Current Research: Critical Transitions in Andean Socio-Environmental Systems 




Cho, Se Jong – SESYNC

Degrees: PhD Environmental Engineering and Management, Johns Hopkins
MS Environmental Engineering and Science, Johns Hopkins Univerisity
BS Civil Engineering,  Northwestern University

Current Research: Evaluation and Projection of Global Landcover Change
and Impacts on Water Resources


 Couriot, Ophélie – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Behavioural Ecology, INRA Toulouse
 MS Biodiversity and Evolutive Ecology, University Paul Sabatier
 BS Biology and Environment, University of Lorraine

 Current Research: Animal Population Dynamics in the Arctic





 Eisenberg, Merle – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD, History, Princeton University, 2018
 MA, History, Princeton University, 2014
 MA, Medieval History, King’s College London, 2011
 BA, History, Government, Colby College, 2007

 Current Research: The Making of a Pandemic: Plague, Environment,
 and the End of Antiquity



 Fricke, Evan – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Biology, University of Washington
 BA Biology, Bowdoin College

 Current Research: The Role of Animals in Mediating Plant Global Change   Responses






 Gollnow, Florian – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Geography, Humboldt University
 BA Geography, Humboldt University

 Current Research: Evaluating Zero Deforestation




 Hoover, Fushcia-Ann – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University
 MS Agricultural and Biological, Purdue University 
 BS Mechanical Engineering, University of St. Thomas

 Current Research: Green and Just





 Jones, Kelly – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Nursing Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
 BS Nursing, University of Massachusetts Amherst
 BS Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

 Current Research: Climate and Health: What Is the Role of the Neighborhood
 Environment in Children’s Respiratory Health Outcomes?



 Knighton, James – SESYNC 

 Degrees: PhD Environmental Engineering, Cornell University 
 MA Environmental Studies, University of Pennsylvania
 BS Civil Engineering, Drexel University 

 Current Research: Flood Memory and Uncertainty


Mason, Rachel – SESYNC 

 Degrees:  PhD Astronomy, Edinburgh University
 MS Plant and Soil Science, University of Vermont
 BS Chemistry, University of Manchester 

Current Research: The Ecological Consequences of Declining Nitrogen Concentration in Plants Worldwide




 Read, Quentin – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee
 BS Environmental Science, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

 Current Research: Ecological Impacts of Food Waste




Shin, Yoon Ah – SESYNC

Degrees: PhD Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh
MPA, Public Administration, Ewha Womans University
BA, Public Administration, Ewha Womans University 

Current Research: Putting People into Climate Models: A Multi-Model Approach to Integrating Human Behavior and Climate Change





 Vijay, Varsha – SESYNC 

 Degrees: PhD Environmental Sciences, Duke University
 BS Environmental Sciences, Duke University

 Current Research: The Effectiveness of Protected Areas in Meeting Ecological
 and Socio-Economic Goals of Conservation






 White, Lauren – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Minnesota
 BS Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia

 Current Research: Integrating Host Movement, Genomic, and Spatial Data to
 Understand the Effects of Human-Altered Landscapes on Pathogen Spread





  Zuercher, Rachel – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz
 BS, Biology, Valparaiso University 

 Current Research: Does Ocean Planning Deliver for Coastal Communities and Ocean Ecosystems? An Evaluation of Socio-Ecological Outcomes of Marine Spatial Planning