Immersion Program Participants 2020–2021

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For more information about the Socio-Environmental Immersion Program, click here.


 Couriot, Ophélie – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Behavioural Ecology, INRA Toulouse
 MS Biodiversity and Evolutive Ecology, University Paul Sabatier
 BS Biology and Environment, University of Lorraine

 Current Research: Animal Population Dynamics in the Arctic




 Eisenberg, Merle – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD History, Princeton University
  MA History, Princeton
  University MA Medieval History, King’s College London
  BA History, Government, Colby College

 Current Research: The Making of a Pandemic: Plague, Environment, and the   End of Antiquity


Picture of Fushcia-Ann Hoover Hoover, Fushcia-Ann – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University
 MS Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Purdue University
 BS Mechanical Engineering, University of St. Thomas

 Current Research: Green and Just 




Picture of Rachel Mason Mason, Rachel – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Astronomy, Edinburgh University
 MS Plant and Soil Science, University of Vermont
 BS Chemistry, University of Manchester

 Current Research: The Ecological Consequences of Declining Nitrogen   Concentration in Plants Worldwide




Picture of Renee Obringer Obringer, Renee – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Enivronmental and Ecological Engineering, Purdue University
 BS Environmental Engineering, The Ohio State University

 Current Research: People, Climate Change, and Anthropogenic Drought:   Modeling the Complexity Behind the Interconnected Systems




Picture of Katie Peterson Peterson, Katie – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Coral Reef Ecology and Management, James Cook University
 MESM Environmental Science and Management, University of California,   Santa Barbara
 BS Biology and Coastal Environmental Sciences, Louisiana State University

 Current Research: Analyzing the Impact of Temperature Variability from   Climate Change on Ecological Community Structure and Subsequent   Influences on Fisheries Management



Picture of Yoon Ah Shin Shin, Yoon Ah – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh
 MPA Public Administration, Ewha Womans University
 BA, Public Administration, Ewha Womans University

 Current Research: Putting People into Climate Models: A Multi-Model   Approach to Integrating Human Behavior and Climate Change




Picture of Ryan Unks Unks, Ryan – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD Integrative Conservation in Forestry and Natural Resources,   University of Georgia
 MS Natural Resources (Ecological Restoration), North Carolina State   University
 BS Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Pittsburgh
 BA Political Science, University of Pittsburgh

 Current Research: Socio-Ecological Analysis of Multi-Scalar Landscape  Change: A Comparative Case Study of Kenyan Rangelands



Picture of Rachel Zuercher Zuercher, Rachel – SESYNC

 Degrees: PhD PhD Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of    California, Santa Cruz
 BS Biology, Valparaiso University

 Current Research: Does Ocean Planning Deliver for Coastal Communities and   Ocean Ecosystems? An Evaluation of Socio-Ecological Outcomes of Marine Spatial Planning