From SESYNC to Jupyter

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Sep 14, 2018


The latest addition to SESYNC's cyberinfrastructure—rolling out on ­September 20th—is a JupyterHub gateway for Python based data analysis and visualization. Project Jupyter makes interactive notebooks available through a web browser, allowing researchers to create and share documents that combine runnable code, its output, narratives with mathematical notation, and visualizations.

SESYNC researchers will be able to login to JupyterHub with the same username and password as on our RStudio Server. Just like that platform for R coding, the new Jupyter platform for Python integrates with the Center’s research data storage, user home directories, database servers, and the compute cluster.

Participants at the most recent Summer Institute will recognize the interface from their introduction to Python; other users of our RStudio Server may find the lesson a good starting point for trying out Jupyter.

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