June Computing Updates

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Jun 22, 2017

During the June maintenance window we performed a number of upgrades to our software environment. Below is a brief description of what we've been working to bring you.

  • The version of linux on our cluster and rstudio servers has been upgraded from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 16.04.
    • Due to potential compatability issues with installed packages we have moved aside everyone's custom installed libraries, so you will need to 'install.packages' and non-standard packages you are using. 
  • SESYNC now installs a lot of commonly used R packages. These packages will be updated to their latest versions during out monthly maintenance window. This means you will no longer need to manually install these on your own.
    • Currently this list is: "dplyr","raster","rgdal","rgeos","ggplot2","RPostgreSQL", "rmarkdown","shiny","tidyr","sf","rjags","rstan","igraph","sna","lavaan"
  • Our internal Gitlab version control server has been upgraded to Version 9.3, See their release notes for a full description.
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