SESYNC Funds New Pursuits and Workshops

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Mar 12, 2019


The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) welcomes eight new projects starting in 2019.


Towards a practical environmental footprint tool


  • Allison M. Leach, University of New Hampshire
  • James N. Galloway, University of Virginia


Simultaneously managing scale and uncertainty using innovative software design concepts in a tiered, system-of-systems modeling framework


  • John Little, Virginia Tech
  • Hsiao-Hsuan (Rose) Wang, Texas A&M University

Can enhancing diversity help scale up agriculture's benefits to people and the environment?


  • Zia Mehrabi, University of British Columbia
  • Claire Kremen, University of British Columbia

A socio-environmental synthesis of the linkages between water scarcity induced conflict and land use/land cover change in Africa to enhance multi-scalar decision making


  • Erin L. Bunting, Michigan State University
  • Elizabeth A. Mack, Michigan State University

Graduate Pursuits

The globalization of conservation: How public perceptions of biodiversity and international trade patterns shape mangrove conservation


  • Natali Ramirez-Bullon, Florida State University
  • Jacob Bukoski, University of California, Berkeley
  • Sophia Chau, Michigan State University

Distilling the Public Discourses and Nexus between Water Quality and Social Inequality


  • Helen Rosko, Clark University
  • Mitchell Owens, Indiana University Bloomington

Understanding social responses to environmental shocks: A text mining approach


  • Matthew Cooper, University of Maryland
  • Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Aaron Schwartz, University of Vermont

From Storms to Plowshares: A Multi-Scale Spatial Risk Analysis of Hurricane Maria’s Impacts on Puerto Rico’s Agro-Food System


  • Daniel Shtob, University of Oregon
  • Hannah Stokes-Ramos, University at Buffalo
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