Sociological Perspectives on Non-State Actors in Environmental Governance

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Principal Investigator: 
Dana R. Fisher, University of Maryland
Carmen Sirianni, Brandeis University
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In recent years, extensive research has emerged on the role of non-state actors within environmental decision-making, stewardship, and governance. This research has focused on a variety of environmental issues/policy domains and at multiple scales of governance, from the local to the transnational. Sociologists have played a significant role in this research, specifically looking at the role of environmental movements and networks, nonprofit intermediaries, multi-stakeholder partnerships, community-based social capital, corporate culture and sustainability practices, cognitive framing within civic associations and public agencies. Led by Drs. Dana Fisher and Carmen Sirianni, a team of scholars engaged in this area of research will work together to identify and explore emergent questions of significance and how they might connect their work to that of natural scientists.

Kenneth Andrews, University of North Carolina
Meredith Bergey, Brandeis University
Jeffrey Berry, Tufts University
JoAnn Carmin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Debra Davidson, University of Alberta
Dana R. Fisher, University of Maryland
Anya Galli, University of Maryland
Jennifer Hadden, University of Maryland
David Hess, Vanderbilt University
Lorien Jasny, SESYNC
Amy Northrup, University of Nevada Las Vegas
Kent Portney, Tufts University
Rashawn Ray, University of Maryland
Carmen Sirianni, Brandeis University
Suzanne Staggenborg, University of Pittsburgh
I. Bogdan Vasi, University of Iowa
Joe Waggle, University of Maryland
Edward Weber, Oregon State University
Associated SESYNC Researcher(s): 
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