Planning Workshop for Counter Climates: Petro-Infrastructure and Indigenous land, water, and atmosphere protection in Canada and the American Midwest.

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Zoe Todd, Carleton University
Ozayr Saloojee, Carleton University
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There is increasing pressure in Alberta—the top oil-producing province in Canada—to extract and transport oil and gas to American markets. With governmental efforts in Alberta to counter Indigenous and environmental group resistance to Alberta’s oil and gas economy and exports, there is an urgent need to synthesize existing data and visualize/illustrate plural impacts of oil and gas infrastructure on Indigenous nations and nonhuman species. However, a paucity of scholarship exists that examines and illustrates the trans-territorial and trans-border impacts of Alberta’s large-scale oil and gas extraction, mining, processing, storage, transportation, and pollution on sensitive ecosystems in western Canada and the Midwestern United States​. This planning workshop is proposed to help develop a clear, detailed work plan for the Counter-Climates Project; to help define and frame research and project questions; to establish clear research and engagement methods; and to outline a more specific workflow for the project’s duration and its possible futures. The work plan will be included in a revised Pursuit application to be submitted following the workshop’s completion.

Nicholas Reo, Dartmouth College
Karen Lutsky, University of Minnesota
Lorelei Hanson, Athabasca University
Mrinal Das, MacEwan University
Janelle Baker, Athabasca University
Émélie Desrochers-Turgeon, Carleton University
Lorelei Hanson, Athabasca University
Stephen Fai, Carleton Immersive Media Studio
Lara Chow, Carleton Immersive Media Studio
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