Funded Projects

Funded Projects
Project Title Year Funded Principal Investigator
Impacts of wildfire on farmworker respiratory health in the Western USA 2021 Kenzo Esquivel, University of California, Berkeley, Clara Qin, University of California, Santa Cruz
Risk Perception of Political Leadership Toward Climate Change 2020 Yoon Ah Shin
Mangrove Science for Action – How Threats and National Governance Shape Mangrove Conservation Outcomes 2020 Dominic Andradi-Brown, World Wildlife Fund, Mischa Turschwell, Griffith University
Migration, Marginal Agricultural Land, and Tree-Cover Expansion in Low- and Middle-Income Countries 2020 Jeffrey Vincent, Duke University, Sara Curran, University of Washington
A Socioecological Systems View of Urban Green Spaces for Evaluating Use and Equity 2020 Christopher Lepczyk, Auburn University, Charles Nilon, University of Missouri
Does Current Science Support the Management and Policy Needs of Cold-Water Refuges for Salmonids in a Changing World? 2020 Francine Mejia, U.S. Geological Survey FRESC, Valerie Ouellet, University of Birmingham
Multi-Scalar Rangelands 2020 Ryan R. Unks
Modeling Drought Impacts 2020 Renee Obringer
Climate Variability and Risk 2020 Katie A. Peterson
Coastal Communities and the Marine Environment 2020 Rachel Zuercher