Funded Projects

Funded Projects
Project Title Year Funded Principal Investigator
Modeling Linkage of Hydrology to Biogeochemistry 2017 Nate Jones
Urban Hydrology 2017 Tijana Jovanovic
Ecological and Social Homogenization in Urban Environments 2017 Dexter H. Locke
Climate, Migration, Gender 2017 Maia Call
Coasts and Sea Level Rise 2017 Chris Field
Long-Term Socio-Environmental Dynamics of Urban Segregation 2017 Billy Hall
Benefits of Urban Green Space 2017 Bianca Lopez
Linked socio-environmental responses to destructive wildfire: Are wildfires ‘hot moments’ for transformative adaptation? 2017 Miranda Mockrin, U.S. Forest Service, Van Butsic, University of California, Berkeley, Alex Syphard, Conservation Biology Institute
Putting pesticides on the map to guide conservation of pollinators and their ecosystem services 2017 Margaret Douglas, Dickinson College, Christina Grozinger, Pennsylvania State University
Winter Weather Whiplash: Developing Indices of Extreme Winter Weather Variability and Socio-Ecological Responses 2017 Alix Contosta, University of New Hampshire, Nora Casson, University of Winnipeg