Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Title Brief Summary
The Global Water Grabbing Syndrome Jan 01, 2018

Article published in Ecological Economics.

A stochastic movement model reproduces patterns of site fidelity and long-distance dispersal in a population of Fowler’s toads (Anaxyrus fowleri) Sep 24, 2017

Article published in Ecological Modeling.

European large-scale farmland investments and the land-water-energy-food nexus Aug 31, 2017

Article published in Advances in Water Resources.

The effect of nitrogen availability and water conditions on competition between a facultative CAM plant and an invasive grass Aug 23, 2017

Article published in Ecology & Evolution.

Impacts of forest restoration on water yield: A systematic review Aug 17, 2017

Article published in PLoS ONE.

The Effects of Interannual Rainfall Variability on Tree–Grass Composition Along Kalahari Rainfall Gradient Aug 15, 2017

Article published in Ecosystems.

Integrating the social sciences to enhance climate literacy Aug 14, 2017

Article published in Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution.

Re-examining Baseline Subaks Through the Lens of Cultural Multilevel Selection Aug 07, 2017

Article published in Sustainability Science.

Watershed Urbanization Linked to Differences in Stream Bacterial Community Composition Aug 02, 2017

Article published in Frontiers in Microbiology.

The FiNile Solution (2016-12) Jul 24, 2017

This resource was developed as part of the Teaching Socio-Environmental Synthesis with Case Studies short course, held at SESYNC in July 2016. This case has been classroom tested