Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Title Brief Summarysort descending
Watersheds, Forests, and Childhood Health: Global Relationships and Policy Opportunities Apr 01, 2015

Article published in The Lancet.

Exploring sprawl: Results from an economic agent-based model of land and housing markets Apr 02, 2015

Article published in Ecological Economics.

A Citizen Army for Science: Quantifying the Contributions of Citizen Scientists to our Understanding of Monarch Butterfly Biology Apr 07, 2015

Article published in BioScience.

The Ethics of Innovation in Agriculture: Inclusivity and Reflexivity Apr 09, 2015

White paper published by Knowledge for Development.

Hydraulic lift as a determinant of tree–grass coexistence on savannas Apr 29, 2015

Article published in New Phytologist.

Debates—Perspectives on sociohydrology: Sociohydrologic modeling—Tradeoffs, hypothesis testing, and validation Apr 30, 2015

Article published in Water Resources Research.

Hot and dry: stability and simplicity in dormancy and austerity May 06, 2015

Article published in Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences.

Committing to ecological restoration May 07, 2015

Perspective published in Science.

Resilience and reactivity of global food security May 12, 2015

Article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Estimating the absolute wealth of households May 15, 2015

Article published in Bulletin of the World Health Organization.