Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Title Brief Summarysort descending
Identifying temporal and spatial patterns of diatom community change in the tropical Andes over the last c. 150 years Apr 15, 2019

Article published in Journal of Biogeography. 

Effects of Urbanization on Native Bird Species in Three Southwestern US Cities Apr 15, 2019

Article published in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 

What is a Fish Out of Water? The Economics Behind the Joint Management of Water Resources and Aquatic Species in the United States Apr 16, 2019

Working paper published by Resources for the Future. 

Comparing community garden typologies of Baltimore, Chicago, and New York City (USA) to understand potential implications for socio-ecological services Apr 26, 2019

Article published in Urban Ecosystems. 

A Case Study of Cimex lectularius L. (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) Infestations in an Office Environment Apr 30, 2019

Article published in Journal of Economic Entomology. 

A systems thinking approach for eliciting mental models from visual boundary objects in hydropolitical contexts: a case study from the Pilcomayo River Basin Apr 30, 2019

Article published in Ecology and Society. 

The Invisible Flood: The Chemistry, Ecology, and Social Implications of Coastal Saltwater Intrusion May 01, 2019

Article published in BioScience. 

From transdisciplinary projects to platforms: expanding capacity and impact of land systems knowledge and decision making May 06, 2019

Article published in Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. 

Opinion: To create sustainable seafood industries, the United States needs a better accounting of imports and exports May 06, 2019

Article published in PNAS. 

They’re Back: Municipal Responses to the Resurgence of Bed Bug Infestations May 10, 2019

Article published in Journal of the American Planning Association.