Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
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Featured Collection Introduction: The Emerging Science of Aquatic System Connectivity II May 24, 2019

Article published in Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 

Hacking conservation: how a tech start-up aims to save biodiversity May 28, 2019

News feature published in Nature. 

Climate anomalies, land degradation, and rural out-migration in Uganda May 30, 2019

Article published in Population and Environment. 

When pets become pests: the role of the exotic pet trade in producing invasive vertebrate animals Jun 03, 2019

Article published in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 

Global estimates of mammalian viral diversity accounting for host sharing Jun 10, 2019

Article published in Nature Ecology and Evolution. 

Geo-cultural Time: Advancing Human Societal Complexity Within Worldwide Constraint Bottlenecks—A Chronological/Helical Approach to Understanding Human–Planetary Interactions Jun 10, 2019

Article published in BioPhysical Economics and Resource Quality. 

A systems approach to assessing environmental and economic effects of food loss and waste interventions in the United States Jun 17, 2019

Article published in Science of the Total Environment

Decentralized Provision of Community-Governed Greenspace in Two Cities: Chicago (IL) and Louisville (KY) Jun 19, 2019

Conference paper presented at the Workshop on the Ostom Workshop 6.

State-Reinforced Self-Governance and Institutional Change: The Evolution of the New York City Watersheds Governing Arrangement Jun 19, 2019

Conference paper presented at the Workshop on the Ostom Workshop 6.

Protected areas and biodiversity conservation in India Jul 03, 2019

Article published in Biological Conservation