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Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
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Quantifying the return on investment of social and ecological data for conservation planning Dec 19, 2019

Article published in Environmental Research Letters.

R-Slurm package Jun 15, 2016

Many computing-intensive processes in R involve the repeated evaluation of a function over many items or parameter sets. These so-called embarrassingly parallel calculations can be run serially with the lapply or Map function, or in parallel on a single machine with mclapply or mcMap (from the parallel package).

The rslurm package simplifies the process of distributing this type of calculation across a computing cluster that uses the SLURM workload manager. Its main function, slurm_apply, automatically divides the computation over multiple nodes and writes the necessary submission scripts. It also includes functions to retrieve and combine the output from different nodes, as well as wrappers for common SLURM commands.

Racial coastal formation: The environmental injustice of colorblind adaptation planning for sea-level rise Oct 17, 2017

Article published in Geoforum.

Racial disparities in pollution exposure and employment at US industrial facilities Oct 01, 2018

Article published in PNAS. 

Raising the Bars: Evaluating Treemaps vs. Wrapped Bars for Dense Visualization of Sorted Numeric Data Sep 17, 2017

Article published in Proceedings of the 43rd Graphics Interface Conference.

Rates of biotic interactions scale predictably with temperature despite variation May 27, 2014

Article published in Oikos.

Rates of biotic interactions scale predictably with temperature despite variation May 27, 2014

Article published in the journal Oikos.

Re-examining Baseline Subaks Through the Lens of Cultural Multilevel Selection Aug 07, 2017

Article published in Sustainability Science.

RE: A Socio-Environmental Perspective on International Migration Jul 21, 2016

Response article published in Science.

Realizing Coexistence Between People & Large Carnivores in Shared Landscapes Aug 06, 2015

Poster presented at the 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB) and the 4th European Congress for Conservation Biology (ECCB), held on August 2–6, 2015 in Montpellier, France.