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Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
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The Three-Wattled Bellbird: Corridor, Conservation, and Costa Rica (2016-11) Jun 26, 2017

This resource was developed as part of the Teaching Socio-Environmental Synthesis with Case Studies short course, held at SESYNC in July 2016. This case has been classroom tested

The total dispersal kernel: a review and future directions Sep 03, 2019

Article published in AoB Plants

The Tragedy of the Grabbed Commons: Coercion and Dispossession in the Global Land Rush Apr 01, 2017

Article published in World Development.

The underutilized role of community gardens in improving cities’ adaptation to climate change: A review Feb 11, 2019

Article published in People, Place, and Policy. 

The Water-Land-Food Nexus of First-Generation Biofuels Mar 03, 2016

Article published in Nature: Scientific Reports.

The worldwide impact of urbanisation on avian functional diversity Apr 08, 2020

Article published in Ecology Letters.

They’re Back: Municipal Responses to the Resurgence of Bed Bug Infestations May 10, 2019

Article published in Journal of the American Planning Association. 

Threats to sustainable development posed by land and water grabbing Jul 18, 2017

Article published in Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability.

Threshold effects of habitat fragmentation on fish diversity at landscapes scales Aug 01, 2016

Article published in Ecology.

Time scale interactions and the coevolution of humans and water Sep 20, 2015

Article published in Water Resources Research.