Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Titlesort ascending Brief Summary
Exploring sprawl: Results from an economic agent-based model of land and housing markets Apr 02, 2015

Article published in Ecological Economics.

Exploring optimal nitrogen management practices within site-specific ecological and socioeconomic conditions Sep 09, 2019

Article published in Journal of Cleaner Production

Exploring Novice Approaches to Smartphone-based Thermographic Energy Auditing: A Field Study May 06, 2017

Article published in Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

Explaining differential vulnerability to climate change: A social science review Dec 07, 2018

Article published in WIREs Climate Change. 

Expanding use of archaeology in climate change response by changing its social environment Apr 13, 2020

Article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Expanding the Role for Psychology in Addressing Environmental Challenges Apr 01, 2016

Article published in American Psychologist.

Examining Seafood Fraud Through the Lens of Production and Trade: How Much Mislabeled Seafood Do Consumers Buy? Dec 31, 2018

White paper published by Resources for the Future. 

Examining horizontal and vertical social ties to achieve social–ecological fit in an emerging marine reserve network Jun 09, 2017

Article published in Aquatic Conservation.

Evolving the Human Niche Aug 02, 2016

Article published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA.

Evolving the Anthropocene: linking multi-level selection with long-term social–ecological change Nov 23, 2017

Article published in Sustainability Science.