Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
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Role of Sectoral Transformation in the Evolution of Water Management Norms in Agricultural Catchments: A Sociohydrologic Modeling Analysis Oct 17, 2017

Article published in Water Resources Research.

Save the Turtles! And the Grizzlies? Or the Woodpeckers? Prioritizing Endangered Species Conservation (2013-1) Nov 15, 2013

This resource was developed as part of the Teaching Socio-Environmental Synthesis with Case Studies short course, held at SESYNC in July 2013. This case has been tested in a classroom.

Scale dependence of environmental controls on the functional diversity of coral reef fish communities Sep 18, 2017

Article published in Global Ecology and Biogeography.

Scenarios for Global Aquaculture and Its Role in Human Nutrition Jul 09, 2020

Article published in Fisheries & Food Security

Schistosomiasis and climate change Nov 16, 2020

Article published in The British Medical Journal. 

Science and Federal Environmental Decisions: A Survey of Interactions, Successes, and Difficulties Feb 01, 2017

Discussion paper published by Resources for the Future.

Science for action at the local landscape scale Oct 01, 2013

Article published in Landscape Ecology.

Seasonal drivers of geographically isolated wetland hydrology in a low-gradient, Coastal Plain landscape Jan 28, 2020

Article published in Journal of Hydrology.


Seeds of Change Nov 27, 2015

Climate change could disrupt plants' dispersal of seeds.

Seeking Cures for North Korea’s Environmental Ills Mar 23, 2012


Margaret Palmer got a firsthand look earlier this month at a looming ecological catastrophe that few other scientists have witnessed. On a rare foray into North Korea’s countryside, Palmer, director of the University of Maryland’s National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center in Annapolis, saw a landscape of wasted soil and rivers choked with silt from erosion. “Farmers were working the land right down to the water’s edge,” she says.